The COVID-19 crisis

It is difficult to comprehend that we are living through the current crisis in the 21st century. Notwithstanding our the advanced technological level of our society and all the means of communication that we have in our daily lives, this little virus is influencing our way of life and has become a serious obstacle for our activities.

For sure you are aware of the latest measures that were taken by our federal government the results being that as of today (status on March 27):

  • All sports events have been cancelled therefore our Belgian Wushu Championship has been postponed.
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) is closely monitoring this pandemic
  • The BWUF is concerned about the safety of all our members and partners: athletes, coaches, supporters, volunteers, officials and jury members and we want to safeguard them all from this infectious disease.
  • All workshops and group trainings are cancelled. All sports halls and other sporting facilities are closed.
  • It is still possible to go outside for running or walking with members of the same family living under the same roof or with maximum one other person on the condition that the principles of social distancing are respected.
  • The BWUF request you to follow all the instructions of the federal government. There is no excuse for not doing so, especially now that it is clear that young people can also be affected by the virus.
  • Basic hygienic rules are essential: wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and use desinfectant gel when necessary.
  • Don't visit people that belong to high risk groups such al elderly people and those with other health issues. You may unknowingly carry the virus and be infectious.
  • Follow the news and the daily updates of thee situation so that you can knowingly follow the instructions given.

As soon as the current measures will be relaxed the BWUF executive will communicate extensively about the situation and the measures to be taken. 

Keep it safe in the interest of OTHERS and YOURSELF

Patrick Van Campenhout




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